February 14, 2011

The Chiliean Miners Smoked Weed While They Were Trapped in The Mine

The miners in Chile were celebrated as heroes for a while. They ran a marathon shortly after escaping the mine and it was big news. Now a long awaited book about the ordeal is revealing in the mine it was all about sex, pot, and survival.

"Good thing those Chilean miners didn't get the munchies -- they smoked pot while trapped for 69 days and considered cannibalizing the first one to collapse. Some of the 33 miners had the weed sent to them in letters from their wives, a startling new book reveals." - nypost.com

The New York Post had quotes from some of those involved with the miners.

"Officials from the Chilean government became so concerned [over the pot use] that they discussed getting a drug-sniffing dog" to ferret out the rogue letters delivered through a rescue shaft, according to the book "33 Men" by journalist Jonathan Franklin. Britain's Daily Mail, quoting the book, said some miners also received deliveries of pornography -- and asked for inflatable dolls.

Apparently they would've gotten some inflatable dolls down there too, but there were only ten. That's pretty ridiculous. "A guy offered them inflatable dolls, but he only had 10," said Dr. Jean Romagnoli, who was assessing the men's health from the surface.

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