February 16, 2011

Are Celebrities Doing More For Pot Than Anything Else Ever Could?

Photo from Salon.com
Recently the pot movement has been taking productive steps forward. 15 of America's states have legalized the use of marijuana. California almost legalized recreational marijuana, and something else has been happening. Hollywood has begun championing people's attitudes towards pot.

An increasing number of celebrities are feeling freer to discuss their pot use. There is a long list of A list celebrities who smoke pot openly; from actor and actress Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz to most recently, Singer Lady Gaga, Director/Actor Kevin Smith and Actor Seth Rogen.

"Sometimes famous people just smoke a little weed and they don't even develop a substance abuse problem or go to jail. Crazier still, this happens all the time to regular folks as well. - Salon.com

The music industry has had a long and close relationship with pot, but still when a huge celebrity like Lady Gaga going on 60 minutes and saying that she smokes pot regularly, "especially to write music", is still something new. Kevin Smith seriously thanked Seth Rogen for making him a stoner on MTV.

It might just be that Celebrities closely mirror the trends of the public. I think we'll see that Celebrity endorsement will go a long way to define how many in this generation and especially the next one think of pot.

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