February 2, 2011

Amsterdam Releases a Scratch and Sniff Cannabis Card That Smells Like Weed

Photo: Wall Street Journal

The Netherlands has a crazy relationship with cannabis. The law in Amsterdam says that pot is illegal, but that law hasn't been enforced in over 30 years. Amsterdam is famous for it's coffee shops, which are actually marijuana cafes. The Law enforcement there allows the shops to operate, but there is still one confusing twist. It's still very illegal to grow pot in Amsterdam, so the shops have to get their supply from a black market. Confusing?

Amsterdam's weird love/hate relationship with pot recently added a new dimension. A company partnered with the local law enforcement has sent out tens of thousands of scratch and sniff marijuana cards. The cards are actually aimed at telling people the dangers of marijuana use. If you scratch the card you're welcomed with a "pot smell".

I don't read dutch so I have no clue what the card says on it, maybe some of you can help me out with that. Even if everything on the card was anti-pot I'd still want one. The goverment there sure has a weird way of stating their position on pot, and an even weirder way of trying to get people to stay away from pot. They treat it like it's legal and send pot cards to everybody, how's that gonna work?

What's funny is that Amsterdam's weird tactics do actually work. Even though they have the "coffee shops", they have a much lower marijuana use rate than America. America sends millions of people to jail each year, and has wasted billions of dollars on law enforcement, and still they have a much higher pot usage rate. Point blank the "war on drugs", is not working and it's obvious. If you really want to educate citizens, get those with addiction help, keep pot out of young kids hands, and lower drug abuse then legalize and regulate pot, and send everyone scratch and sniff cards. At least it works, Peace...

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