February 14, 2011

5 Funny Cartoons for Stoners You Might Not Know About

Watching cartoons when you're stoned is fun. In fact Cartoons are always awesome, especially if you call in sick to stay home and watch them. Here are a few to watch the next time you're baked, or just want a fun, silly, pick me up.

1. Code Monkeys: The staff at this gaming company get's into literally unbelievable situations. The entire show looks like an 8-bit video game, with life-bars, power-ups and more. Dave is the groups actual stoner and his "Wrath of Bong" is allowed to make cameos.

2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of those shows that has characters so stupid you have no choice but to hate them. Somehow you keep watching, maybe it's just to watch them suffer as their plans for laser beams, prostitutes, and/or mail order brides basically kills them. That's what it's like for the millions of people addicted to this stupid show about food items.

3. Archer: Archer is the James Bond of his mother's spy agency. He is amazingly gifted, but so dumb that he rarely does anything that benefits himself. Unless you count getting really drunk and having lots of sex. The show is funny as hell.

4. Daria: If you don't know what Daria is you're missing out. It's one of the smartest funniest cartoons, from a time where shows still tried to teach us something. The show is high school drama exaggerated times a thousand, and intelligently narrated by sarcastic teen "Daria"

5. Adventure Time: Adventure time is a perfect fit for our ADHD society. This is a new show on the children's network Cartoon Network. It's nonstop randomness, but it's also endlessly hilarious. You follow around a super hyper kid and his pet dog on their adventures through highly imaginary plot lines and even more fantastical settings. It's like Charlie the Unicorn on ecstasy and sugary breakfast cereal.

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