January 26, 2011

What's going on: California Mother Arrested Because Children Accidentally Eat Marijuana Edible

So I was sitting at my desk, which is at the top of the highest sky scraper in the world, and I started thinking about some recent news. Everyday we read new stories of pot busts, and people being arrested, sent to jail or killed. All of these will never stop until we have a sensible system of regulating legal marijuana.

"Stoner Editorial"

The Canadian Press just released a story on a Californian mother who's two children ate an edible they found on the counter after getting home from school. The two girls, ages 10 and 11, were hospitalized and their mother was arrested. The mother said she obtained the marijuana cookie for medicinal use, but she had no prescription. (the story is here)

It's unfortunate that the mother didn't have a prescription, especially since she claimed to have it for medicinal use. Still, we should treat her no worse than a parent of a child who accidentally took some other medication.

There is a problem here with making edibles that look like children's snacks. If alcohol and tobacco companies can't market their items to look like children's treats, then neither should marijuana edible makers. It would be smart for all edible producers to begin to find new ways of making edibles look unique. People shouldn't be able to mistake a drug filled food item with a regular food item. It's not safe and it creates too much room for error.

I'm sure those children will be fine, but that's not a risk that's fair to take. This is just one of the problems we're going to have to start taking a look at in a world where pot is legal. Keep thinking, Peace...

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