January 7, 2011

"ThusSpakeLinda" Smokes Pot Out of the IncrediBowl Mini

"ThusSpakeLinda" is the handle for a stonerette on youtube who been making videos reviewing some of the coolest smoking devices out there. In this video she's smoking a new mini IncrediBowl. The pipe looks tight and her review is right up any stoner's alley. Check out her tumblr and youtube channel.

Her videos are cool because it's like she's one of you're stoner friends. She's a little awkward and she giggles a lot. Linda is a Medical Marijuana patient living in California, so she's doesn't have to worry about the cops when she's blazing. There are about twenty other reviews on her page and you can hear about the stuff she does like going to the High Times Cup.

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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