January 31, 2011

Tasty Edibles and an Evolving Marijuana Market

About a week ago we met up with the head honcho and chief edible chef at Green Leaf Treats, Loren. It was an hour and a half drive to Loren's place in Riverside, CA. Loren, who is male by the way, had been talking with us for a while about coming down and checking out his new take on edibles. He's been growing his business and finding many dispensaries are desperate for his products.

Marijuana edibles can be anything from cookies to jolly ranchers these days. It used to be that brownies were the "go to" variety, but not so much anymore. Why buy a brownie, when you can get candy, mouth spray, or even olive oil for you to go home and cook with. The possibilities are endless and that's exactly why Loren and Green Leaf Treats are starting to cook more eclectic dishes to get baked off of.

Loren like a good host had a bowl packed and ready on arrival. He also had a bag of treats, that ranged from ordinary to unexpected. For instance, imagine pot infused enchiladas. All together the Green Leaf Treats bag contained the enchiladas, lasagna, two small brownies, and two small cheescake squares. All of it was completely vegetarian.

Everything from Loren was delicious, and the marijuana took effect quickly. Ingested marijuana depends on your digestive system to spread throughout your body. It can take longer to get high but the effect is also more intense.

Loren has a vision. He wants to make marijuana meals, not just snacks. If cannabis wants to become more legitimate, it's going to have to grow up a little. Everywhere in California entrepreneurs and stoners are quickly adapting to the huge demand for everything in the pot world. Right now young innovators like Loren are pioneering the marijuana market.

The next few years are going to bring the best out of marijuana. The next time we meet with Loren we are going to try his sodas. Awesome. Check him out on twitter @greenleaftreats, Peace...


Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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