January 12, 2011

Stoner, Artist Trish Cataldo Talks About Marijuana and Being an Artist

Trish Cataldo is an Artist I met through some of our online connections. The first of her paintings to catch my attention is the one on the left, "smokin", the young girl smoking marijuana. It's work of great simplicity, cleanly represented culture, and it nonchalantly recommends certain details to the mind.

I talked a little with Trish about being an artist and marijuana. Here's what was said.

BakedLife: Do you find that marijuana inspires your art, how?
Trish Cataldo: Marijuana absolutely inspires my art! it actually allows me to focus on what I'm really feeling, it blocks out all the little things that don't matter and opens up my mind for creativity. with weed i can really get to my true thoughts, and it gives me the patience to take my mistakes with a grain of salt, i don't get so frustrated when it's not coming out exactly how i want. it lessens the perfectionism and helps make everything a bit more beautiful.

BakedLife: Does pot make other areas of your life seem more artistic?
Trish Cataldo: It does, actually. Since i've began smoking I've been taking the time to notice my surroundings more, colours are brighter and mountains are even more impressive. I live in my own head quite often so my natural weirdness just expands when smoking, it blows up into reality which is an awesome combination for inspiration.

BakedLife: Do you occasionally take breaks from pot to work certain on pieces from a different perspective?
Trish Cataldo: Not that I can think of, not willingly. I try and keep my perspective open baked or not and i work in bursts, I like to get stuff done while the inspiration is still there, if i'm high and I come up with an idea i'll scratch it down so i'll remember when my head clears up.

BakedLife: Where do you see yourself fitting in to the artist community?
Trish Cataldo: I have no idea! I've grown up in the artistic community, I live to make art, I'd like to see myself working with other artists who do what they do because they can't do anything else, fitting in because I wouldn't chose anything else to do with my life. I have a lot of respect for the new contemporary style and the classical philosophy of art, logical beauty and the idea of man being able to change the world based simply on a pose.

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