January 28, 2011

Marijuana Poetry: Revisted, Memoirs of a Sacred Plant from Rio

Here are a couple of 420 poems by a writer named "Rio". Smoke a bowl relax and enjoy. If you want to submit any poetry or art to the Baked Life Lifestyle and Arts section email BakedLife@gmail.com.

I am a traveler of knowledge
I look only to help reach the impossible
Therefore the impossible defeated
Life, my love, you are my soul’s existence
Enter to a state of mind
In which; not state shall mine
Not cloud untouchable
No journey unforeseeable
I question all; I am inquisitive by nature
I am nature by origin
Wake up! Sorry for my outburst
I despise that
Anger; in other words anything which unbalances
I’m connected to conscience; no negativity
I’m still the result if you choose to

Memoirs of a Sacred Plant
I spilt the half empty cup twice
Yet it never becomes dry
The impact of being misled and deceived
A slightly ambitious teen
Enter the dark room and medicate
I’ve become vibrant!
An evolution in many frames of perception
Not so much an underachiever
A dreamer of a million wishes
A deep sleep with a million and one dreams
I am the one
No longer a thorn on a rose
But a vivacious leaf of fortune
I smile in the face of opposition a march proudly
My day will soon come!

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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