January 20, 2011

Live Stoned Marijuana Wrist Bands, "Down For The Cause"

We stoners don't just smoke pot. We live pot. We love pot. So it's no wonder the marijuana community continues to produce companies that have a yearn to make the life potheads live richer and fuller. If nothing, it's more proof that pot is a beneficial lifestyle element.

The stoner community doesn't promote violence and hatred like even some of government parties do. Instead for stoners, it's all about loving life, loving each other, and copious amounts of sticky dank buds.

LiveStoned.org uses the sales of their wristbands to spread their contribution to the marijuana community. Their website is full of links and other information for stoners who want to get involved in promoting marijuana and living the stoner lifestyle.

LiveStoned sent a few wristbands to Baked Life. Since then we've noticed the power of being able to identify with a lifestyle. Especially one that's focused on sharing information, good times, and uh, loads of pot. Plus it's pretty awesome to look at your wrist while you're taking a toke, and noticing you're wearing a bright green "Live Stoned" emblem. Live and Let Live Stoned, that's what Baked Life is all about, Peace...

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