January 19, 2011

KultureVA.com's Hand Pipes: Upgrade Your Personal Marijuana Smoking Device

If you're the average smoker then your friends probably are too. In that case your best piece is probably your bong. Even a low level bong is fairly expensive, and every stoner's main goal is to break into the level where they can afford their own bong. But let's not forget about those small little hand pipes.

KultureVa.com is one of the best sites to check out a gallery of hand pipes to upgrade to. The pipes in these photos are all in the hundreds of dollars range. Well made glass is becoming a thing of the past, because so many dealers are looking for cheap pieces that are identical. Or they want cute little trinkets in the shape of elephants, because they know hipster girls love that stuff. But there are still some glass blowers who know what they're doing.

I know what you're thinking. You've probably already broken at least 2 small hand pipes, and you don't want to risk spending so much money on something you'll smash. There are two solutions, miss out on the awesomeness of a great hand pipe, or "grow up" and learn how to not break your stuff.

If you talk to an old school smoker they'll all tell you about where they go when they're looking for good glass. If you're in California it's probably some hut in Venice. I'm telling you now that Kultureva.com can be that little secret place that you can share with your friends.

Hand made pipes of this caliber are truly beautiful. Glass blowing is definitely changing, but like with all things if you want it, you can find it. So remember don't forget about the hand pipe, even if using it makes you forget about other things. Get it :). Peace...

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