January 27, 2011

Find Jobs in the Marijuana Industry Today: THCJobs.com

The marijuana industry is booming. There are huge amounts of innovation, and entrepreneurship in pot products, services, and merchandise. THCJobs.com is helping new employers find workers to fill the new jobs marijuana is creating.

"Why should potential employees have to browse the entire internet to find their dream job in the marijuana industry? This was the question we asked ourselves and we could not find a good answer to it. So we created THCjobs.com as a platform for employers and potential employees to connect." - THCJobs.com

In the American states where medical marijuana has been legalized there has been huge job growth in the pot sector. This is especially true in California and Colorado. The jobs being created aren't just in dispensaries, some don't even deal with actual pot. There are people getting hired in jobs from web design to sales. Of course there are lots of jobs as "Bud Tenders" and making edibles too, even growing and preparing marijuana.

THC Jobs is taking the advantage of web 2.0 capabilities. They've created a way for people interested in working in the booming pot market place to connect directly with employers who need workers.

"Our site has a simple and easy to use format. If you are looking for a job all you have to do is browse through the jobs listed and find which ones you would like to apply to. Then read the instructions under the “how to apply section” of the job post. Finally follow the instructions and you are on your way to your dream job!" - THCJobs.com

They also have a twitter and a blog that keep you updated on their progress and press releases. Check them out and see what they're doing, Peace...

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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