January 4, 2011

Everything Must Go: Druggie Indie Film Seeks to be a Cult Classic

Let's sum up the whole review right now. Think "Pineapple Express", meets "Sideways", meets "Trainspotting", all on a much lower lower budget. The "Everything Must Go" DVD was sent to us a few months back. Why the review is just getting up shouldn't be held against it. It's just not the kind of movie that pops out to you all at once, if you're not expecting it.

There's a much bigger movie that came out in 2010 with the same title. It stars Will Ferrel, and has absolutely nothing to do with this movie so don't get confused. This film was directed by Len Dell'Amico. Dell'Amico is the biggest thing about this movie, given it's tiny budget, and it's current niche, which is in relatively obscure indie. Len was the "video" guy for the Grateful Dead, and brought the band platinum selling documentaries.

The two main characters in this film find themselves on a crazy journey one day, searching for Oxycontin. It's not all laughs as, the serious downsides of drug addiction peek their head out between scenes filled with ridiculous comedy. "Everything Must Go" does a really good job of making a feel good movie about a depressing segment of a depressed man's life. In that way they are very much like "Sideways".

This is a good movie. Which is something I might not have said when I first got it because if it's low budget stylings. But I found it helps if you think about this film as a foreign film voicing a small culture, part of real America. As movies go, this one is definitely as indie as it get's and I mean that in the real sense of the word, independent. A decent film, stoned or not, but stoned is definitely preferred...

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