January 17, 2011

The Connection Between Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Your Local Pot Dealer

Those who want to see pot legalized often say that if pot were legal then it would greatly reduce crime. The idea is that if people can purchase pot legally then they won't buy it from criminals. Then, if those criminals don't have money they won't be able to fund their criminal activities. This sounds like a good Idea but is it working?

Marijuana isn't legal yet, but the availability of medical marijuana in several U.S. states is giving us a chance to see how legal pot changes the system. Cities all over America are licencing legal growers of marijuana. All of this "home grown" pot is taking revenue from illegal pot growers inside and outside of America. But are some illegal pot dealers turning to medical growers to get there supply.

Early in January of 2011 Sheriff's raided a medical marijuana dispensary for allegedly supplying pot dealers. What's happening is that some dealers are getting medical marijuana cards and selling the pot to stoners without the legal means to buy the pot themselves.

It would be hard to use this incident to fight against pot legalization. The overall situation is greatly improved from when pot was completely illegal. If pot dealers are buying from medical marijuana dispensaries, there are still two huge upsides.

One we know they aren't buying the pot from someone who will use the money to do harm like a gangbanger or a Mexican drug cartel, for example. The second benefit is that now it should be easier for the police to track the dealers down. Everyone who purchases medical marijuana has to register with the state and sign in with legal identification every time they visit a dispensary.

Those are just some of the ways that moving towards legalizing pot is actually doing more to fight the negative aspects of marijuana than the "War on Drugs" ever could. The closer America moves to a smart plan of legalization the more they'll realize they have the power to protect their citizens.

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