January 7, 2011

CaliGrowKits.com's Marijuana Grow Kits

In California every medical marijuana patient is allowed to grow up to six plants. Stoners throughout the state can now set up their own legal grow areas. CaliGrowKits.com is responding to the new shift by making it easy for noob stoners to become competent growers.

"People are mistaken when they think leaving the ballast on 12 hours a day will spike their electricity bill. Average cost increase for both hydro kits is $5 a month; while the deluxe mushroom kit is only about $3 a month to operate." - CaliGrowKits.com

Each kit from them includes everything you need to start growing. On their website, is a free growing guide which walks you the beginning steps of using their products. They don't just sell
kits for growing pot. They also sell "shroom" kits. The guide on the site will give you instructions on how to get started.

"Quite the contrary to what most people think growing CAN be easy! Unlike most companies that sell you confusing equipment and let you fend for yourself; Cali Grow Kits offers everything you need in 1 easy to use kit. Simply plug in, plant, water, and grow in weeks. Below, we offer a free illustrated grow guide, just to show you how simple it is to grow! Stuck? Or having a specific problem? Have no fear, we are here to help you every step of the way! Please feel free to e-mail or call us 24/7" - CaliGrowKits.com

If you live somewhere where you can set these things up this is an easy way to save some money and start a new hobby. The Grow kits start at $99 and the Shroom Kits start at $49.

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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