January 13, 2011

CaliGrowKits.com's Interview: Making Simple Grow Kits Online

BakedLife.com is interviewing the folks at CaligrowKits.com, about how growing is easier than ever. They make it easy for growers to follow the rules and grow some bud.

1. How did Cali Grow Kits get started?

Bowls, brainstorming, and Funyons can go a long way. We started making these kits after coming back from the hydroponic store with $2,000 spent and not an idea in the world how to get started. Little did we know we had just been up-saled into buying a bunch of equipment we didn't need. This equipment overpowered our plants and burned them to death. There had to be another way.... After consulting and bringing together some of the top hydroponic stores with some old-time hippy growers, we together joined forces and brought together some of the first cali grow kits. Great things can happen when a couple of old hippies team up with the new college generation.

2. What's do love about working in this industry?

It has gotta be the community. We started putting these kits together locally in our community. Medi Clubs didn't want anything to do with us, even though it was legal for their patients to grow, and many of them even sold the clones to do so. I guess it made sense.... They were making such large profits, why would they want their patients growing their own? Yet the "baked" community spread the word on their own and made us into what we are today.

3. What about marijuana culture inspires you?

Come look at our office... we got Snoop playing in the background, Jerry Garcia Ben and Jerry's in our fridge, the movie Half Baked playing in our break room, our Volcano Vape... Sorry wait what was the question again?

4. Since you sell shroom kits as well as bud grow kits, what do you think are the main differences in their effects?

The growing research of natural herbs and mushrooms positive effects on the body is mind-boggling. Studies linking the relief from problems such as anxiety, depression, and pain are being published every day. Just recently, we saw a study published linking taking mushrooms to a 85% cure rate of chronic migraine headaches! And the brilliant thing is these are simple, natural and organic herbs and plants that have been used for thousand's of years. Take THAT ibuprofen !!!

Photo From the CaliGrowKit.com's Free Online Comic Grow Guide

5. What does Cali Grow kits have planned for the future?

We hope to introduce a larger line of kits. Keifer, wheatgrass, and kombucha have been used for centuries for their beneficial properties. They are now as easy as ever to grow from your home.

6. Weed is popular. Oakland has it's own "Walmart" sized grower's mega store. How is this changing the game.

It's crazy how mainstream it is, and how many people are growing out there. With all the automated equipment out there, growing is so easy even a stoner can do it. These mega-stores are great for mega-growers with 100+ plants (someone has to keep the medi clubs here in california stocked) We like to stick to the individual customers that want their own personal garden. More and more people are learning that they don't have to rely on the clubs and have their have right to raise their own garden with a medi card.

7. Do you guys read BakedLife.com. :-)

Honestly we did not before, but now we are diggin it. It is great to see "baked" culture expand from the magazine and puff puff pass across the web.

8. What's one basic thing that beginning growers should keep in mind?

BIGGER IS NOT BETTER! Too much, of nutrients, wattage, or lighting will KILL your plants. Don't be convinced you need all the shit they push on you at the hydro stores. Growing can be easy and cheap.

9. What's one thing you want people to know about you guys?

We are here for you guys. We are always on facebook and twitter and have a 24/7 online grow team waiting for your questions. We are happy to help you every step of the way. As we always say here: Grow Responsibly!!

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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