January 27, 2011

BakedLife.com Marijuana App for iPhones and Androids as Mobile Site

BakedLife.com is your favorite pot website for a reason (yes it's your favorite, don't lie). It's because we always innovate. The new Baked Life mobile site for iPhones and Androids is a fully functioning marijuana app.

Our last release (see here) gave you all the details of the new app. But we've updated the app yet again. The theme is greened out and there's one new feature. We've added a poll so that you can vote anonymously with the other people using the app and see the results immediately.

The "Stoner TV" feature is the best thing to have on the go. This is a feature exclusive to this app, and not even featured on the Baked Life website. Stoner TV allows us to share creative marijuana related videos from some of the coolest stoner you'd otherwise never know.

You Can't Get This in Your App Store. You Have To Go to www.BakedLife.Com in your iPhone or Android Browser.

The app is free. If you have an iPhone you can save the actual app to your phone with a pot leaf icon. iPhone users will also notice they can see the "Baked Life Marijuana App" loading screen. Androids can save the bookmark.

Check out by going to www.BakedLife.com from your iPhone or Android, Peace...

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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