January 13, 2011

Baked Life Mobile Website and Marijuana App for iPhones and Androids

We've done it. Baked Life now has it's mobile site up and running. The app can be downloaded onto iPhones and Androids. Instead of going to your app store just go to the BakedLife.com app url and follow the directions to get the app. The mobile site offers you 4 great features from BakedLife.

You can use the Baked Life app to read our latest articles, follow our twitter stream, watch the videos we select for Stoner TV, and use our Buds Directory to GPS your way to local smokeshops and dispensaries. Stoners your wish is our command, the app is completely free, and ad free, just pure stoner goodness.

While reading mobile versions of our articles you can share our articles to your social networking sites with just two clicks. The "share" feature keeps you one step away from your facebook, twitter, email, etc. Reply to or ReTweet any of our Twitter updates right from the app too.

You'll see some of the greatest stoner videos from YouTube when watching our Stoner TV. Watch videos on everything from "how to" videos to entertainment, news/science, technology, and comedy. Stoner TV was made for those ultra boring days when you're stuck faded, on the go, with nothing else to do. It's just as awesome if you're super high and just lounging around.

The Mobile version of our Buds Directory is like the Google Maps app already on your phone, except it's preloaded with the name's, locations, and phone numbers of our favorite dispensaries and smokeshops in California and Colorado. You have to be a medical marijuana patient to visit the dispensaries, but anyone can go to the smokeshops.

The app will always be changing. That way we can continue to add to it what pot lovers out there want to see. Check it out and then come give us your feedback at bakedlife@gmail.com. Save the app to your homepage and make sure every stoner you know does the same thing.

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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