December 8, 2010

"Young Weed Girl" builds blog chronicling a Stoner Girl's Perspective

Baked Life received an email from a girl named Cheryl about the blog she has started for "weed girls", called your This interests us because we're always on the watch for new perspective's on pot culture.

Most guys are just as interested in what everyday stoner girls do around the world, as women are. Sure some girls have big boobs and wear amazing tight pants, but that's not all there is to girls who smoke pot. It's a great part though. But it's good that we're seeing a larger variety in the world of "stoner girls".

The "Weed Girl" stereotype isn't just the almost naked girl covered in pot seen on some sites. We've seen changes in the female voice. NORML started a Women's Alliance for "Stilleto Stoners" and a couple cool girls from New York started fashion and culture heavy, stoner gal blog is a new small part of a big movement. Here's description of how cheryl views her blogs place in pot culture.

Your Weed Girls have created a list of people they want to smoke with, and although most of the people on the list are music artist there are some exceptions. When asked about what they are trying to accomplish, they answer, "We're just looking for some fun".

Traveling to different places and smoking with different faces has become the new way of living. And although they're just in it for the fun they're already teaching us a lot more. Like most women who smoke, you'd never guess. Here we have a young girl who lives in the suburbs, and is a major pothead.

Your Weed Girls have shown us that anyone can be a stoner. The majority of weed smokers these days, look just as innocent as could be. Although Cheryl (Creator of The Weed Girls) has had a somewhat rocky childhood, she doesn't use it as an excuse for her smoking. "I smoke because I like to, Its amazing!", she says. Cheryl is showing us the life of a young female stoner and over time we are beginning to see more and more non suspecting stoners are like Your Weed Girls.


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