December 17, 2010

Twitter Hashtag MMOT: Marijuana Movement on Twitter #mmot

Twitter is an epic phenomena. If you're tweeting with a stoner you might come across the hashtag #mmot. This is an abbreviation for the phrase Marijuana Movement on Twitter. This tag was started by a famous tweeter @StonerNation. It's a favorite among the pot loving community on twitter.

You usually see #mmot tags on tweets about marijuana news, politics, or activism, but a lot pf pot lovers use it any time they are talking about pot. This is often a good place to see what is happening on the grassroots level of the marijuana movement.

Here at we like to use the tag #bakedlife when we're talking about our stoner life. Not just to promote the site but also because when you tweet something like "Just smoked two bowls and now I'm gonna watch Seinfeld", adding a #bakedlife tag on it just seems appropriate.

So we'll see you on twitter, we'll be all over the #mmot and #bakedlife hash tags.


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