December 3, 2010

TSA Airport Scanners Catch Rapper Kurtis Blow With Pot?

While they have yet to catch any would-be terrorist, those TSA body scanners did manage to weed out poor Kurtis Blow.

Soon after the allegations were leaked on the internet Kurtis Blow denied the whole thing twitter, saying, "Isn't weed legal in California". - Baked Life

The legendary MC was popped this morning at LAX for possessing a small amount of marijuana after going through an X-ray machine, which detected the drug hidden in his pants.

We can all fly a little easier now...

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A spokesman for the L.A. airport police tells E! News that Blow (real name Kurtis Walker Combs) submitted to a TSA security screening at approximately 5:45 a.m. and underwent a body scan that discovered an, um, anomaly.

TSA agents subsequently administered a pat-down and turned up a baggie of the green stuff.

As is typical in these cases, since the amount found was less than an ounce (28.5 grams to be exact), authorities confiscated the pot (wonder who's taking that home?) and issued the hip-hopster a misdemeanor citation.

Blow, the first rapper ever to be signed to a major label and best known for his eponymous debut album and the hit "The Breaks," continued on to his destination without incident.



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