December 9, 2010

Tommy Chong Gets Behind Willie Nelson's TeaPot Party

After Willie Nelson was arrested again for marijuana possession during thanksgiving weekend 2010, he came out and called for the start of a new political party. The Teapot Party as it are now being called has been started in all 50 states and is being backed by the likes of Tommy Chong.

"Tax it, regulate it and legalize it," the singer says. "And stop the border wars over drugs."

TeaPot Party's are said to be a conservative political party with a slight lean to the left. Willie Nelson is getting out there and trying to push the legalization of marijuana as far as he can. From a man who's been smoking for years and has become a bigger pot celebrity than even Snoop Dogg, who he's been known to smoke with.

"If Willie gets behind something, you know it is going to be big and in your face," Chong told CelebStoner. "Any pot party is a wonderful idea."

Nelson doesn't exactly fit the most common pothead stereotype. He's not young and reckless, he's old and wise. That's exactly what the pot movement needs. Let's see how far this new push gets stoners.

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