December 16, 2010

Super Dooper Baked Parade

Marijuana is more than an amazing herb, that gets you high. It's a lifestyle and culture. Baked Life has decided to take cannabis living to tumblr. We've started a new tumblr page. Hold on to your joints and get ready for the Super Dooper Baked Parade.

It's not a place for kids at all. Super Dooper Baked Parade or SDBP can go from quotes and pictures about bud, California and surfing, to quick shots of almost nude girls or even guys (WTF). There's no guessing what's next. SDBP is like but on crack and locked in a room alone. No news or anything that makes contextual sense, just random shit coming fast at you.

The Super Dooper Baked Parade is hidden at It's a nonstop tumblr flow of pot, pieces, stoner thoughts, etc. The tumblr even has it's own twitter @Baked_Parade, their you can get constant updates from the tumblr page as well as step into our resident Stoner Tweeter's mind. @Baked_Parade asks his twitter followers about their stoner lives and shoots out random thoughts about his own.

Come follow the Super Dooper Baked Parade on Tumblr and Twitter.


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