December 30, 2010

Stoners: Fed Up With The Taboo and the Negative Stereotypes

So I'm sitting at my editor's desk (which is in a corner office at the top of LA's biggest sky scraper) rolling a blunt and I got thinking again...

These days when I'm hanging around someone with extremely negative views on pot, I get angry easily. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it's different with pot taboos and stereotypes. If someone says they don't like Radiohead, even though they are incorrect, it's easy to let it go. On the other hand, because we hear so much negativity about pot all the time it builds up.

There are too many Judgy McJudgersons out there. It's hard to live your life without people, who are in no better position than you, telling you what you're doing wrong. Stoners, like all other oppressed lifestyle groups, have learned to just say "This is me, Screw You".

Fortunately we're not alone. We have our buddies. And musicians have been speaking up for all of us for decades now. From the rockers and jazz musicians of old to the Kid Cudi's of today. When the Negative Nancy's say, "Slow your roll" all we can do is scream out "Fuck That".

Stoners get that pot has some downsides (like everything else in life), and guess what, we talk about it all the time amongst ourselves. We discuss the negatives in a way that's uplifting and helpful. When others bring it up over and over again we just feel angry and upset. It's like going up to your fat friend and telling him everyday that he should start loosing weight. That's even more acceptable because fat kills, weed doesn't. Regardless, if you keep harping on one aspect of a persons life, it becomes all you can see when you look at them, and that can be a terrible feeling for anyone to get from someone they love.

There aren't many weed haters who read this blog for obvious reasons. So this message won't even have the chance to fall on deaf ears. Hopefully, it will reassure tokers that, others out there also have those jackass, friends, family members, lovers and coworkers, who can't leave well enough alone. Next time they start giving you shit, print this article out and put it in an envelope with a roll of quarters and a note that says, "I get it, now go play some arcade games and leave me the hell alone". Then roll a fat ass blunt, and forget about 'em. Peace...


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