December 31, 2010

Smoking Weed as Bad for Lungs as Cigarettes?

Study say smoking 1 joint equals 5 cigarettes. That's not exactly true.

Have you ever heard that smoking a marijuana cigarette, which is referred to as a joint or blunt, is as bad or worse for you than smoking a tobacco cigarette? Well, many scientists are releasing studies that seem to back up this theory. One recent study done by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand stated that smoking one joint is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes in succession.

During the beginning of marijuana prohibition and until recently most of the studies that proved marijuana to be harmful were so improperly done that their results were worthless. One famous study claimed to prove that marijuana caused brain damage.

It wasn't released until much later that the actual cause of the brain damage in the test subjects, monkeys, was the scientists the themselves. They were forcing the monkeys to inhale nothing but concentrated marijuana smoke, which deprived their brains of oxygen and killed brain cells.

The more recent study from New Zealand that says smoking a joint of pot is as bad as 5 cigarettes doesn't suffer from the same poor scientific methods. Instead the problem is the representation of the study. At face value the claim seems to be saying smoking joints will harm or kill you 5 times faster than smoking cigarettes, but this isn't true.

The study did in fact find that one joint has the ability to impair the functions of one's lungs more than one cigarette, but it also says that smoking joints doesn't lead to the more debilitating lung diseases that tobacco causes. Cigarettes cause emphysema and lung cancer, smoking only weed doesn't.

Still, smoking joints, blunts, and even out of pipes and bongs on a daily basis has the ability to reduce your lungs capacity and functionality. The best alternative for stoners is to go out and get a vaporizer. Vaporizers remove the the THC and other chemicals from marijuana and carry it into to your lungs on relatively harmless water vapor. So if you want to treat your lungs great you've gotta vape. Peace...


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