December 6, 2010

Smoking During The Work Week

Work week's always start off in haze. It's hard to come terms with the fact that the weekend is over and we have to start it all from the beginning again. Unless of course working is your favorite thing to do. If that's true you're not a real person and subsequently this blog post isn't for you.

Mondays are always the toughest. If you get up a little early and smoke a bowl before your coffee, shower, and cereal routine it'll all seem less oppressive. This is. A great way to start the day with a positive chip on your shoulder.

It's time we reclaim the hours we spend working. It's a hard time for the middle class worker. We might as well go to work happy, if we're going to be underpaid and under-appreciated in the few jobs that'll hire us.

Taking a toke in the morning is a way to think less about, war, money, and life struggles. Freeing your mind up to think about your own well being. And when you're less anxious and worried you can better help yourself and those around you.

Smoking pot is however illegal and I wouldn't encourage my readers to do anything that might get them locked up. All weed smoking should be legal. People drink coffee everyday and are allowed to. It's part of their identity in the same way that pot is for others. Coffeeheads, potheads, coffeepotheads, and even vegans are just people who've discovered a more personal relationship with the plant world.


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