December 15, 2010

The Pot Book by Julie Holland M.D. - A Complete Guide to Cannabis

Baked Life received a fresh copy of The Pot Book in the mail from it's publishers, and knew we had to share it with you. That was about two months ago. Needless to say we dropped the ball. Julie Holland, the author, had hoped that by pushing the book out before America was to vote on many popular pieces of marijuana legislation, she would be able to inform voters.

It's too late for the 2010 elections in America, but The Pot Book can still help inform people all around the world. Holland has been on the Today Show many times, and did a live interview on NPR to promote all 500 plus pages of her book.

This really is a complete guide to cannabis. Holland has complied articles from top scholars around the world. The articles range from science to sociology, from medicine to myths and mythology. The recent history of marijuana has been a politically volatile one, but for thousands of years before that cannabis and especially hemp as been a huge part of human culture.

Julie doesn't like to use the term marijuana. That word was invented as part of an ad campaign, in which groups with ulterior motives tried to make pot look like a wild hallucinogenic, proliferated by crazy dirty Mexican workers. Instead Dr. Holland uses the term cannabis, which is the proper name for medicinal and recreational marijuana.

She hopes that in time all of the damage done to the image of cannabis can be corrected with knowledge. In her interview with NPR's Ira Flatow she refers to the new discoveries being made in the research being done on endocannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system. She believes as many other scientists in her book do, that cannabis holds the potential to do a lot of good.



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