December 28, 2010

HBG Glass Percolating THC clouds in HD

This is a video created by a cool toker and tumblr'er from Indiana named Ryan. Is that what they're called, tumblr'ers? Well anyway, you can check out his tumblr, here. If you don't know what tumblr is, it's a concentrated form of blogging and content sharing. You can also see more of his youtube videos, here. He also has a twitter and an aim and some other stuff, but if you really care that much you can find that stuff yourself. Geez it's not like he's famous or anything.

Now one thing you should know about is the piece he's using. It's a $200 - $250 unit from HBG. It's pretty awesome. You can change the amount of water the smoke goes through by tilting it. These rips will leave you loving life for sure. You can get some good looks at some HBG Glass at here at Check it out, get Baked, Peace...

"This is my very being. For in the end, we have no possessions or friends, but only reminiscence and ideals. So, in an attempt to capture who I am, there is this. Take it as you will and I will treat it the very same." - Ryan the Tumblr'er


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