December 13, 2010

Miss High Times Corrals Sexy Stoner Girls

High Times magazine has gotten a lot of attention for it's Miss High Times Contest. They bring together stoner gals from all around the world and let their audience decide which of them is the most beautiful. It's like the Miss America pageant, except for pot lovers only, and bikinis are 24/7 attire.

Calzina Rose (pictured left) is Miss High Times for January 2011. She's hot. Not in that shallow superficial kind of way. She's hot in the way that super hot girls are really, really hot. Maybe that's the same.

So what's the point of all this hotness. High Times magazine will tell you this kind of entertainment brings more attention to the cannabis movement. Though most guys will tell you, no one needs a reason for hotness. And I suppose a third voice like a sister, girlfriend, or mom might have some objections. The Miss High Times girls will tell you yet another story.

All of the women who take part in Miss High Times, love pot and love pot culture. An increasing number of them are also medical marijuana patients. For them being able to express their love of cannabis is what they do it for. When it comes down to it, Miss High Times exist because we all love pot. Girls in bikinis s a time honored way of celebrating things we like? also has a top ten mens list, but uh... yeah. Forget about that Check out this Miss High Times Jamaica Trailer.

"I live my life NORML. I love my weed :) Marijuana plays a huge role in my life. It's just a beautiful thing. I love everything about it. The smell, taste, look and the feeling I get from marijuana is amazing. I can't get enough. I love it so much that I work at a medical marijuana clinic in Costa Mesa, CA." - Calzina Rose
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