December 27, 2010

Leafly: The Marijuana Ipad App - Interview

This time Baked Life is talking to They are revolutionizing the way we look at marijuana strains and medical marijuana dispensaries. Their website doubles as one of the most innovative marijuana ipad apps out this year.

How much weed was consumed during the brainstorming process for this site, haha?
We write down a lot of ideas for the site when partaking. Most are pretty solid, some don't make any sense the next day, and I'm sure there have been awesome ones that I have forgotten to write down completely.

Why the name, Leafly?
We wanted something short, friendly, accessible and hip. One major goal is to keep the site "safe for work". This is done in obvious ways such as the site design and the lack of cannabis photos, but also less obvious things like the domain name in case the company IT guy is snooping around in log files.

How did this all get started?
Leafly was a highdea I had shortly after acquiring my mmj recommendation. During my first visit to a dispensary I was overwhelmed by the selection of strains. On my second visit I couldn't remember which strain I liked the best and why. I pitched the idea to a couple friends of having an online journal to keep track of your usage history. From there it grew to aggregating everybody's reviews and ratings so we could start identifying the most common properties of strains.

What's the most exciting thing Leafly is doing right now?
We recently launched our dispensary finder service that lets you find your favorite strains nearby. Soon you will be able to subscribe to sms & email alerts that will notify you when a favorite that wasn't previously available shows up in your neighborhood.

What about cannabis and cannabis culture inspires you?
All of it, we love the plant and love being a part of a growing industry. Being involved in the movement to end this ridiculous era of prohibition is exciting, if we can help move it forward in any way, I will be happy.

Do you guys read Baked Life?
We do now! :)

What are your fans like?
Passionate. We are continuously amazed at all of the good information users provide in their reviews. From the utterly hilarious to sophisticated comparisons of the subtle differences in smell and taste across strains.

What are the site's future plans, iphone app maybe?
Our goal is to continue the spread of information in as many places as we can. iPhone and Android apps are on their way and we recently launched an iPad app for dispensaries to leave on their counters so patients can be as informed as possible. All of our data is licensed under Creative Commons and freely available through our API so hopefully there will be great apps that start showing up from other developers as well.

What's one thing you'd like people to know about Leafly?
Because of the unfortunate image cannabis has in certain social circles, Leafly we designed to be completely anonymous. Setting up an account and journal doesn't even require an email address. By default all of your information is private and hidden from view. For the power users we have the expected hooks such as public profiles, auto-tweeting, and soon facebook integration.


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