December 14, 2010

Leafly Brightens The Future of Cannabis Tech and iPad apps is a new site that cleanly lays out cannabis strain information. It's a simple system with a style and functionality well suited for it's use as an iPad app. Leafly is stuffed with tons of strains and is well organized to add any number of buds.

Medical marijuana dispensaries use the Leafly iPad app in their shops to help patients browse. They just have an iPad out on the counter and allow guests to browse Leafly's library. Very convenient. Leafly even has dispensary profiles in the their library, so the patient can look up just the strains at that dispensary. If they do it at home they can add strains to their favorites and then bring them up again using the dispensary's iPad.

The best part about their strain search is the suggestions as to what kind of moods you'll feel depending on what pot you smoke. There are lists of strains that are good for studying, making art, party,and more. If you click on a strain you can see these effects ranked by which one's you feel the most and the least.

What I want most from them is an iPhone app. It's clear that iPhones are the quintessential "device" of the future. It would be great to have Leafly's fast library at my fingertips anywhere. Especially since Leafly can actually tell you what dispensaries near you have what strains.

Cannabis strains are like wine grape varietals. With different strains the experience changes as well. It's good to have a quick and easy strain library. Leafly is a hint at the future of cannabis.

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