December 7, 2010

LA Bans Dispensaries in Un-Incorporated Areas

The Los Angeles County Board of supervisors voted ban medical dispensaries from operating outside of Incorporated Los Angeles. Which means all the locations already up in those areas have no hope of become truly legal. Many will ave to keep a low profile and just hope they last as long as they can.

The four members who voted for the ban believed it would keep those areas safe from crime that might follow the opening of any collectives. The one dissenting member Zev Yaroslavsky believed that the permits issued to un-incorporated areas should simply be more strictly dealt out.

Yaroslavsky, pictured right, stood alone in his vote against the ban. The other supervisors, including Michael Antonovich, were sure that new dispensaries in other areas would bring crime.
In truth dispensaries are less successfully robbed than most locations, and most hire security guards.

Many dispensaries already operate in un-incorporated areas. They've proven clearly that they don't bring crime. They reduce the need for people to purchase from dealers or go out and drive 3-4 hours round trip.

We'll see how this changes things for dispensaries starting in January of next year. We'll also see how patients and pot enthusiasts deal a pointless restriction.

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