December 1, 2010

Healthier Fast Food is a Munchies Solution

For pot lovers who get the munchies every time they smoke Fast Food has long been a dangerous temptation. Fast food is bad for you.

Even if your metabolism and or exercise schedule keeps you skinny, the food still wears on your heart and other organs if you eat it more than once in a blue moon. A few locations are trying to change this though.

Food mega-franchises like Burger King and Taco Bell have started creating space on their menu for food that's a little healthier than usual. Taco Bell has their Fresco Menu which offers healthy versions of their basic meals. Unfortunately, the smallest item, a Fresco Bean Burrito, still has 300 hundred calories. It's a start though.

Burger King has started selling Morning Star brand veggie burgers. If you're afraid a veggie burger will taste like a carrot slab don't worry, Morning Star has perfected a tasty recipe. So it looks like the road to being a healthy stoner is getting wider.

Burger King and McDonalds also get a lot of credit for adding apples and other fruits to their menus.

The new items make it a little easier to be somewhat healthy. If you can't stop your self from getting fries and a coke with your meal then maybe it's still not time for you to go back to fast food. But at least now you know there are options.


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