December 2, 2010 Marijuana Kief Sifter Stash Boxes makes the boxes most pot smokers never new they needed until now that is - Baked Life

Stash boxes are the tool of a serious stoner. Pot is no longer an underground lifestyle element. Keeping your bud in a plastic baggie in your socks drawer is no longer an acceptable storage option. Would you keep your wine hidden in the back of your closet. Then why wouldn't you keep your weed somewhere that shows it the respect it deserves.

Hazemaker boxes aren't just for storing your weed. The boxes come in three parts. Take the top off and you'll see a mesh screen. This is where you put your weed. There are three different sizes of this box. Here at Baked Life we have the large, but for you everyday tokers the small might be more convenient.

After about a week of storage you'll notice something pretty cool going on under the mesh screen your weed is sitting on. It's time to remove the second layer and see what's on the bottom. Lift up the screen and underneath is Hazemaker's specially desgned black glass bottom. But the real treat is the powder that's covering it.

The mesh screen in the boxes allows loose particles from your weed to fall through to the bottom layer. These particles are full of the most powerful element in marijuana, THC. The loose crystals covering your weed is now in a concentrated form. What you do with it is up to you. Hint: Reach for your bong.

They are made out of wood and inside the logo is burned in. It's so cool. Get one and It'll be like the first time you got a grinder. It's a stoner upgrade. If you don't know what that feels like because you don't have a grinder then you need to start reading Baked Life everyday. Hang with Hazemaker and Baked Life and we'll teach you to, "Smoke what's Dank and Live what's Cool".



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