December 2, 2010

Bad Batch: Releases $4.20 Indie Pot Flick

In this black and white indie film, three college students enjoy a batch of brownies while hanging out one night. They are unaware of the trip they are all going to take off of this Bad Batch of brownies.

The website and Bad Batch writer, director, producer Abe Schwartz put this film together on an almost non-existent budget. In that way this film is reminiscent of Kevin Smith's first film Clerks. It follows in it's footsteps, being a dialougued journey with dramatically hilarious drama.

Abe Schwartz is working on turning this flick into a pilot for an HBO series. And if the digital sales of this $4.20 precursor hit high numbers, he just might get his wish. In that case stoners will have an alternative to Showtime's Weeds which is gradually becoming more like Desperate Housewives that a beloved stoner cult favorite.

Check out this trailer below and if you like it buy it, and f you don't take a toke and see if doesn't shift your perspective.


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