November 10, 2010

Who Smokes Pot, Stoner Editorial

Most pot smokers have many people in their life who don't know they smoke. The worst part of being a stoner is having to hide it from coworkers, in public, with those friends, and worst of all from family or loved ones. So what do you do when it's time to tell that person you love that you smoke pot?

As the times continue changing, pot is loosing it's taboo. Only the most misinformed people still believe that marijuana itself is a danger, even if they agree with it being illegal. In party culture in a joint is like a glass of wine. Every concert you go to in LA, no matter how small the venue, has one guy who lights up a joint, though occasionally they get kicked out, rarely though. There were even people blazing up at an Obama Rally.

There is a huge underground pot culture, and numerous lifestyle that take part in it. Prohibition keeps pot from going fully mainstream and because of that the marijuana community is very indie. There are now hundreds of indie, (independently owned or run), pot themed bands, shops, merchandising, photographers, etc. Marijuana Prohibition is growing marijuana culture's roots deeper and deeper into our society. It's forcing people to creatively express the part of their lives they've been repressing.

The path of marijuana culture is headed towards more openess in the future. So back to that first question. What do you do when you have to tell someone close to you that you smoke pot? Well unless you're a minor it's no big deal, be open about it, the only thing you have to explain is why you hid it from them in the first place. That's because during that time they didn't know you were lying to them, and nobody likes to be lied to. If they're someone you just met, just wait for it to come up naturally and be honest, or ask if they smoke pot. If you are a minor you're probably in for a talk with your parent's. But who know it might turn out she finds your stash and saves it for you one day.

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