November 4, 2010

Well-Dressed Women Also Smoke Pot

", which is quickly becoming a great site, has just done a story on and the Normal Women's Alliance. is a site with a blog for the metro-gal stoner, Baked Life recently did a bit on them too, here" - Baked Life

Marijuana is the latest in high fashion. With just over a week till California votes on Proposition 19, which would legalize recreational marijuana use, a group of women dressed up to prove that stoners have style that reaches beyond tie-dye.

Pot Couture, which touts itself as "the first online magazine for sophisticated lady stoners" (glad someone's got that niche market covered), teamed up with the NORML Women's Alliance for a photo shoot, which you can see in its full glory here.

A choice quote from the publicity effort: “There’s still this idea that supporters of marijuana reform are on the fringes of society, but that’s just not the case. Marijuana is as mainstream as it gets, and these women are proof,” says Pepper, of Pot Couture, who is third from the left in the photo.

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