November 12, 2010

Pur Sterile: Cleaning Marijuana Pipes and Saving Lives

A while back we did a review on Pur Sterile pipe cleanings. They sell packs of a soluble powder that cleans pipes quickly. Pur Sterile has been continually updating their product and their message. Now they sell more than a way for stoners to clean their pipes, they also sell a way for stoners to stay healthy.

The company has started pointing out one of the stoner communities unhealthies habits, smoking resin from inside of pipes and pieces. Resin is the black tar that covers pieces after repeated use. Pur Sterile's website points out that this resin has only 10% of the THC and offers short highs, all at the expense of your lungs.

So now when we buy pur sterile we're not only keeping out pipes clean, but we're keeping our lungs clean too. And it's a cleaning solution isn't dangerously toxic like bleach or rubbng alcohol. So if you want to live a clean, healthy, stoner life keep your pipes clean (and stop watchng TV, trust me).



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