November 4, 2010

Proposition 19 in Lament - Baked Life

Proposition 19 failed on Tuesday. It was voted down. California is going to have to wait two more years to see if they can legalize marijuana. Marijuana's been moving so fast in CA, this came as a rather unexpected but understandable bump in the road.

By the time the vote comes around in 2012 the California Marijuana Industry will be matured enough to be able to accomplish legalization. So I guess there's no real lament. This is only a delay. But it would've been an interesting experience to walk into a pot cafe come January, and smoke a little joint with a cup of brew.

Pot has hit the mainstream and it's swimming fast. Fortunately Baked Life will be here watching as it goes. We'll keep track of the innovations in California and every other place on this huge earth.

So for all of you who live in places where pot is illegal, including California, you have to decide what you're going to do to help legalize pot. The fastest way to get pot legalized is simple. Be more open about. It's not necessary to go around proselytizing, but if it comes up speak openly about it.

Go out and buy some hemp clothes, or some of the fresh new marijuana t-shirts coming out. This more than any other time is time for stoners to take pride in pot culture, literature, media, etc. The social view is shifting.

In conclusion, Proposition 19 failing isn't so bad, it's a little refresher, now it's time to keep it going.



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