November 1, 2010

Proposition 19: California votes on Legalzation

Every stoner in the world is going to be watching the news out of California on November 2nd. I'm sure MSNBC will never again be viewed by so many people who are also smoking blunts, or taking vaporizer hits. That's when the resident's of The United States' most powerful state will decide if they want to legalize marijuana for recreational use and commercial sale.

California isn't just being watched by stoners. The Mexican government, the US federal government, and many other foreign and domestic interests have their eyes glued to the California ticker. California alone has the 7th largest economy in the world, and is home to the most popular cutting edge culture in the world. Whatever happens there (or should I say here because Baked Life is also California based) spreads to the rest of the world.

The most talked about positives of Proposition 19, the Legalization of Marijuana, have been centered around reducing prison size, profitability, and reducing drug crime. In fact the only real reason we need to legalize it is that's ridiculous that's it's illegal and that we would penalize it's use. There is no reason it should be illegal plain and simple.

The reasons given for keeping pot illegal are not good enough for the pain, hardship that is stupidly inflicted on millions of people. Weed should be legal everywhere. It's not nearly as harmful as the effect of it's prohibition. On a realistic scale of human life it's potential harm is non existent.

Our lives are constantly being spun up into a frenzy. The reality is that pot has some ability to be abused and over used as we humans so often do with anything we can, but it's just one of those things we should allow people to navigate themselves. Because of the blind fear so many people use as logic, millions of people are suffering and billions of dallrs are beng thrown away.

The news shows us a highly volatile and polarized version of the truth. Public and personal issues alike are in a constant state of maximum exaggeration. It's easy to forget the lives we all actually live, and the truth of a day to day existence. It's not for no reason that stoners say "relax" all the time.

Hopefully November 2nd goes the way it should. It's time for stoners to get off there butts. For most real world people marijuana isn't actually much of an issue. Either they smoke it or they don't. In California people already make this choice without really paying attention to the law.

Some don't really feel a pressing need to vote way or the other. But in this case it really is about the principle, and the knowledge legalizing pot really is going to help a lot of people who might've ended up in jails, it's going to create revenue, and it will allow the flow of marijuana to be kept in check by the society as a whole.

If you live in California show this post to your buddies Tuesday morning and remind them to go vote.

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