November 15, 2010

Nectar Ales: Hemp Ale

Nectar Ales has been making it's hemp ale for a while now, and it's still a pretty cool buy. This beverage is only available in California, because of legal restrictions associated with hemp seeds. The Hemp seeds are said to give the drink a nutty flavor.

Hemp Ale really does fit right in to California lifestyle. Nectar Ale had to fight to prove their drinks don't actually get you high. But even now their company's website jokes that the hemp seeds "add an herbal / nutty flavor... and a smile".
California is home to the largest group of legal marijuana users. This is because of it's medical marijuana law. Medical marijuana allows virtually any citizen to smoke marijuana legally for an annual fee and a visit to a doctor. California will also likely be the first state and the largest world economy to legalize marijuana.

Groups on the internet joke that Nectar Ale, which has it's origin in Humboldt county, is best paired with some of Humboldt's other top quality products. Humboldt has been the center of California's marijuana farming industry for decades, so we can guess they're talking about a few hits of dank marijuana.

So the next time you plan to sit out on your back patio as you watch the sun set, stop by your local brew shop and pick up a six pack of hemp ale. If you decide to get baked too, no one will be surprised.


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