November 23, 2010

Marijuana Bracelets: Stoner Style

There are two companies out there that have jumped on the the rubber bracelet trend with a joint in there hands. and both have wrist bands out that'll let you let everyone you know that smoke pot and don't care who else knows either. Plus, like everyone knows rubber bracelets make you look cool.

"Helping reintroduce cannabis o the Human Race" - Cannabis Strong

Both of the companies are trying to use the rubber bracelets to advance marijuana awareness in society. Live Stoned even says that they donate a portion of their profit to the marijuana movement, but I'd trust simply wearing the bracelet around to do more than any donations.

"[We were] ounded 2004, in Southern California by medical marijuana advocate to promote medical marijuana advocacy, education and safety. Rooted in Venice Beach, California and growing globally daily. " Live Stoned

Cannabis Strong is the more developed company, and they've really been making waves. And I don't just say that because they are popular with stoners in California. They're coming out with a new site soon which is sure to be fancy and entertaining.

What'll you wear.


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