November 12, 2010

Interview with Hazemaker - Marijuana Interview

Baked Life got a chance to interview Isa Zabak from Hazemaker. Their line of Kif Boxes are great find. We got to ask them some questions about their products and the company.

1. Why did you guys start making boxes?

My cousin, a smoke shop owner, wasn't happy with the pollen sifters available on the market, so we started making our own in 2002. At the time, we couldn't find one with a wire screen, only silkscreen. And we couldn't find a stackable unit without magnets, which usually do more harm than good.

When they come together or pull apart, the motion is often fast or jerky, making magnets an unnecessary risk. Your pollen is always at risk of being flung through the air every time you pull them apart. But without magnets, getting to your pollen is quick and risk free, just lift and peek. also, we didn't like the sliding glass trays designs because it's not very practical when it comes time to scrape your pollen.

We call our boxes 'table models' because they're vert practical for every day use. Since our boxes hit the market, we've seen several similar units hit the market. we used to use mirrors, but later changed to the black glass, which is nice for seeing exactly how much powder you've collected. also, most wood boxes were sprayed with lacquer, which can flake off over time. We use organic linseed oil which soaks into the wood and creates a nice natural finish. Finally, we wanted to eliminate any gaps or areas where you can lose or spill your pollen. simple and practical, is there any other way?

2. Why the name "Hazemaker"?

We first knew that we like the outer space theme. Hazemaker was just a random name we came up with and it seemed to fit well with the stars and planets theme.

3. What's something you've learned in the process of making your boxes?

I've been working with wood for a while. Working with glass and wire mesh was tricky at first, but over time you learn tips and tricks. Assembling the 3 sections is a critical step. I 've also learned that the people want bigger boxes. I still get requests for even larger boxes.

4. What about marijuana culture inspires you?

Mainly the art and design, but also the fascinating characters and acquaintances.

5. What about marijuana inspires you?

Art, culture and healing.

6. Do you guys read

I have been checking it out over the past few weeks. I'm diggin it.

7. Are you guys going to put out any other products?

Hopefully someday soon i can get back to custom boxes and larger boxes. i've also come up with a few new ideas, and hopefully can get those rolling soon too. but for now, making these 4 sizes will be my focus.

8. Is there anything with new Hazemaker?

We're the only box on the market with real black glass for a collector plate.
We have no plans to make any changes to our box, we're very pleased with the current design.

9. What's something you've learned about your customers?

The popularity of kif and the sifter box has explodes over the past 5 years. but there are still many smokers who are not familiar with the product. it's one of those tools that, once you use it, makes you say 'why have i not been using this all along?' I've noticed that most of my customers know exactly what they want. They spend time online comparing the many styles on the market.
Thanks guys


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