November 27, 2010

Free Willie: Texas, Marijuana, and Willie Nelson

On Black Friday Willie Nelson was arrested in Texas for having six ounces of pot on him.

This has comes at a time when our nation is confronting a marijuana movement. Controversial Texan blogger Chad Stanton has decided that this is the catalyst Texans needed to start their push for legalization. Stanton makes the case that Texas, the state that frequently threatens to secede from the union, can make a stand for their independence by being the first to legalize marijuana. - Baked Life

So I made what I imagine a roadmap to legalization would look like in my state. Critique it. Improve It. Trash it, as long as we are discussing it.

Texas First: An Outline of How To Legalize Marijuana in the Great State of Texas
With the recent surge in conservatives who ascribe to the libertarian ideology I believe that the state of Texas could be a viable dark horse candidate for marijuana legalization.Typically when discussing states who would be likely to legalize the sale and consumption of cannabis Texas is dismissed as a state of reflexive social conservatives who would never legalize marijuana. However I am of the opinion that with a strong public campaign, a concerted effort to disseminate the positives, and an appeal to the independent history of the state, Texas could be a practical marijuana legalization state. Here I will outline the way I believe such a campaign could succeed.

The campaign overall should appeal to the independent nature of the state. I would title the campaign “Texas First” in a nod to the pioneering nature of legalization and as an appeal to Texas pride. Campaign colors should be red, white, and blue to emphasize that the campaign for legalization would be beneficial to the state and not to Marijuana consumers alone.

After the proper groundwork is made we would try to get Willie Nelson to cut statewide general ads in support of legalization to air over radio and during local television news broadcasts. Once again the ads must clear that legalization won’t lead to unchecked moral depravity but as a common sense solution to thousands of non-violent first time offenders being incarcerated for a habit that millions have, one of the solutions to an unbalanced budget, and a possible way to add to the pioneering nature of the state.

The legalization Bill itself would be subject to much change as it must go through the Texas State Legislature but points that would be included is:

a. The removal of criminal consequences for marijuana possession with the intent of use

b. The removal of criminal consequences for the growth of marijuana up to a certain point for non-commercial use

c. The ability to allow localities to control whether they will allow marijuana to be grown with commercial intent in their communities

d. The ability to allow localities to control whether they will allow the sale of marijuana in their communities

e. A mechanism to decide who is allowed to grow, and sale marijuana such as a permit

f. Consequences for non-permitted commercial growth and sale of marijuana

g. The ability to allow the restriction of use of marijuana by private entities on their property

h. Language that applies the same penalties for partaking in dangerous activities while under the influence of alcohol to partaking in dangerous activities under the influence of Marijuana.

See Everything Chad Has To Say:


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