November 17, 2010

Bambu Rolling Papers: Aged Perfection, Fresh Style

I heard about Bambu's pure hemp rolling papers and had to check them out. After doing a little research I found out that Bambu has been around for over a hundred years, churning out top quality papers and has been keeping up with culture every step of the way.

Bambu started by printing paper for Bible's in Spain. Then they started to produce all-natural papers. Their success in America boomed until drug prohibition and propaganda pushed them into the darker corners of society. Today they're still known for setting the bar for cigarette papers and they've even started branching out a bit.

"Today you can still walk into any convenience store or gas station and find a fresh box behind the clerk, proving that the Bambu name lives on through their reputation of their quality paper products." - Bambu

Bambu's line of high fashion shirts and hoodies is fantastic. The shirts run between $40 and $45, just pricey enough to actually feel worth it, and they are worth it. The shirts are collectibles because the brand is eternal, and like any brand with longevity they've learned to channel modern culture through their brand.

"Made from a specific type of the African Acacia tree, the sealer tip is a completely chemical free substance, with no additives of any kind. Passing the highest known food standards the gum has neither taste nor calories. This allows the paper user to experience and enjoy their tobacco in it?s most natural state." - Bambu

I eventually got back on the trail of the Hemp papers. First I went to their official site, then I went to the shop. After scrolling past more must have items like a $10 metal cigarette case and a bright red cigarette roller, I saw the Hemp rolling papers. The color scheme on the package was altered to green, a nod to hemp and I'm sure the entire marijuana community. It was as elegant, simple, and natural looking as you'd expect from Bambu.

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