November 22, 2010 - Jars, Technology, Cannabis

420 Science hit it big in 2009 when they had some products on Showtime's pot themed show, Weeds. They've been a major stoner brand for a few years now, well known by High Time's readers and has been honored to be the official jar supplier at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

The company now sells some of the coolest stoner products out there. The 420 Sope was their first creation. It's a portable handheld scope for examining your pot. It gives you up to 100 times magnification. It's pretty fun to play with if you're baked. Plus if you bust one out, people will know you're serious about your pot.

420 Science was started by a couple guys. It was all about the jars at first, but then they grew the company one step at a time into one of the most modern stoner brands out there. Buddies Matt and Gary spent years putting it all together.


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