September 29, 2010

Worried About Stoned Driving? Don't Be

Groups like the alcohol lobby, which we talked about yesterday, are starting to say that if marijuana is legalized we'll have an unstoppable onslaught of dangerous, stoned drivers. Baked Life contributor, David Brannon, discussed this a while back (Drugged Driving), but we're going over it again.

Stoners are better drivers than the average person. Of course there are exceptions, but that fact probably isn't surprising to any stoner. It may however sound ludicrous to the layman who, for some reason, has made a permanent comparison between alcohol and marijuana.

This video shows exactly what it means when we say stoners are more focused drivers. The video starts with a statistic saying that cannabis has been linked to more and more accidents. He let's you know this doesn't actually mean that marijuana caused the accident, it just means that more people are smoking cannabis in general; and because it stays in your system longer it's found in the blood of more people during autopsies.

Baked Life is not telling people it's okay to go drive stoned. That's not our job. But don't let people use lies to justify withholding freedoms.


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