September 9, 2010

Women, Style, and Marijuana - is a weed website for women. That isn't to say men can't go pay them a visit too. It means that they promise to show a side of stoner culture that includes women on an equal level. It's about time Mary Jane got to show her feminine side.

The argument has been made that marijuana culture is a male dominated phenomena. On a personal level many stoners know that that just isn't true. Many of my most "dedicated" smoking partners have been women. But if you look at most mainstream representation of stoners then it seems true, there are rarely any depictions of real women pot lovers.

Many pot sites on the internet haven't been doing such a great job either (not us). When they do include women it's always in a highly sexualized context. has decided to represent aspects of pot culture that I'm sure some women have been craving, and they leave out the wanton content.

The picture on the left is from the Pot Couture Lady Stoner Profiles in which "readers share their experiences with Mary Jane and why they love pot."

Go check out and see what they got going on over there. The site is run by two really cool gals Margot and Pepper. You'll see their cute signature on their site if you're there long enough. Read the about section and you'll find out they really are the quintessential stoner women.

It's about time Mary Jane got to show her feminine side.
- Baked Life
To Margot and Pepper: Feel Free To Steal That Tag Line :)


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