September 23, 2010

Roor Excalibur Bong - Winner of the 22nd HighTimes Cup

Roor is the the top brand when it comes to bongs. They set the bar really "high" and they break past it every chance they get. "Excalibur", pictured here with B Real from Cypress Hill, was their submission into the 22nd HighTimes Cup in Amsterdam. They took home first place in the "Glass" category.

If you're a stoner then this bong is likely to leave you salivating. The fact that it comes in it's own chest makes it just as valuable as any pirate's treasure. It's a behemoth of a bong, "standing over 6 feet tall...made out of 4 sections, it is the worlds largest limited glass ROOR!" -

Cypress Hill Carries it with them on tour. Lucky Bastards.


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