September 30, 2010

Peel Me Green by Joy Radar - Marijuana Poetry

Joy is friend of mine. I love reading her poetry because it reminds me of how my brain works. I can vouch for her "stoner street cred" and her ability to improve a session with just the addition of her mind. - Baked Life

Peel Me Green
Sticky and green, your tiny crystals reflect worlds I am determined to discover.
Light in my eyes, heavy clouds on my tongue.
Fill me up with curtains that hide the secrets you posses.

Exhale and the the curtains fly open,
And the world becomes focused and wide.
In tune with humming gears of my brain, I sit back and let her take my hands
as we delve deep into black holes

Oh Mary, how frequently you must speak with the sky.
Tell me, how is it your origins are so grounded?
How easily you peel me apart; exposing new layers that are clean and fresh
I shed skins as I dust your remains.

Photographs by Armoir on Flickr


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